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Advanced Placement Classes


AP Classes


The following is a list of classes being offered for the school year.  

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail the Advanced Placement Department Chair, Mrs. Ansley Sand @



Teacher Email 

AP Biology 

Ms. Sawicki 

AP Calculus AB 

Ms. Rubio 

AP Calculus BC 

Ms. Taylor 

AP Chemistry 

Ms. Yoder 

AP Computer Science A 

Ms. Lee 

AP Computer Science Principles 

Ms. Lee 

AP Environmental Science 

Mr. Youngblood 

AP United States Gov. and Politics 

Mr. Thomas 

AP Human Geography 

Mr. Strassner 

AP English Language (11th Eng.) 

Ms. Bulger 

AP English Literature (12th Eng.) 

Mr. Giles 

AP European History 

Ms. Sand 

AP Macroeconomics 

Mr. Strassner 

AP Microeconomics 

Mr. Strassner 

AP Music Theory 

Ms. Baccala 

AP Physics 1 

Ms. Beyer 

AP Physics 2 

Ms. Beyer 

AP Physics C Mechanics 

Mr. Money 

AP Physics C Elec. and Mag. 

Mr. Money 

AP Pre-Calculus 

Ms. Mitchell 

AP Pre-Calculus 

Ms. Taylor 

AP Psychology 

Mr. Harrison 

AP Spanish Language 

Mr. Hooper 

AP Statistics 

Mr. Lewis 

AP Studio Art (2D) 

Ms. Mulvey 

AP Studio Art (Drawing) 

Ms. Mulvey 

AP Studio Art (3D) 

Ms. Mulvey 

AP US History 

Mr. Taylor 

AP World History 

Ms. Sand 

AP Seminar 

Mr. Strasser 

AP Seminar 

Ms. Becignuel 

AP Research (Science) 

Ms. Bisgrove 

AP Research (English) 

Ms. Becigneul 


How to register for your AP exam

Step 1: Sign in or sign up for your College Board/AP Classroom account and join your AP Courses.

Step 2: Select a course in AP Classroom. In each of your courses, “Register for the Exam” by clicking the yellow button. Confirm the registration.

Step 3: Log in or Sign up for a Total Registration account. Answer the questions and complete the initial setup. Be sure to answer the special questions correctly to be granted any waiver or fee reductions.

Step 4: Pay all remaining fees in Total Registration by TBD for SY23-24 to avoid late charges.


Important Information:

  • Any exams not paid for by TBD for SY23-24 will result in a $40 late fee.
  • Any exams canceled after TBD for SY23-24 will result in a $40 cancelation fee.
  • Second semester ONLY course exams will need to be registered and paid for by TBD for SY23-24 to avoid late fees.